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Faby aka "MenInASuitcase", is an emoticonist from France who is highly regarded in the deviantART community. MenInASuitcase ("MISC") is the twin brother of MixedMilkChOcOlate, another popular emoticonist on deviantART.

MenInASuitcase-whereAreYou.gif MenInASuitcase-devwatch.gif MenInASuitcase-BeatingMyselfUp.gif MenInASuitcase-DrEvilAndMiniMe.gif


MenInASuitcase first began creating emotes after finding a French tutorial on how to create smileys. Shortly afterwards, he discovered the deviantART community. He was intrigued by emoticons and began to study the work of other emoticonists. In time, he started creating them on his own.[1]

Smiley Offerings

Faby's deviantART gallery sports over 160 animated emotes, 17 static, and 10 pack and large format. There are even more creations in his personal collection. MISC estimates he has created over 250 emoticons in his career. His emoticon offerings range from small chat-friendly graphics to intricate emote-art creations sporting colorful backgrounds and complex animations.

MenInASuitcase-catwoman.gif MenInASuitcase-BombingEscape.gif MenInASuitcase-givecandy.gif MenInASuitcase-lovestory.gif

Smiley Style

MISC is well know for his intricate and large pixel-art canvases. His proficiency in pixel-art shows in the attention to detail. Faby enjoys incorporating movement into his emotes, particularly bouncing. He likes to try different things, including different shading styles. One of the features which has become a trademark of sorts is his elaborate pixelling of hair.[1]

MenInASuitcase-superSayain.gif MenInASuitcase-CubeSmiley.gif MenInASuitcase-BonnieAndClyde.gif MenInASuitcase-batman.gif

Other Art

Aside from emotes, Faby does other pixel-art, which he often shares with the deviantART community in the form of free avatars. He also creates Flash projects, many while collaborating with his twin brother.

Inspiration and the Future

MenInASuitcase enjoys the interaction with the emoticonist community at deviantART, and particularly admires it's helpful and giving nature. He also enjoys being an emoticonist and can see himself continuing to make smileys into the future.[2]

MenInASuitcase-NightmareChristmas.gif MenInASuitcase-smashbros.gif MenInASuitcase-followme.gif MenInASuitcase-roadtrip.gif

MenInASuitcase's Web Presence

MenInASuitcase does not have a personal website. However, he is active in many online chat and gaming communities and is known as PixelDevil on some sites.[2] His gallery of work can be found on his deviantART page.

Notes and References

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