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Stuck-In-Suburbia is an up-and-coming emoticonist active in the deviantART community. In real life, her name is Heather and she lives in Alberta, Canada.

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Stuck-In-Suburbia (or "SIS" as she is often referred to as) began making emoticons in 2009. On the deviantART website, SIS became involved in the Free Avatar Project, where members of the community create avatar graphics for use by others. Liking the avatars she saw that featured emoticons, and discovering how "cute, and fun and flexible" they were, she used a base pack and made a few of her own. After reading "loads of tutorials" and studying the works of other emoticonists, she eventually stopped relying on pre-made templates and started pixelling the graphics herself.[1]

Creation and Style

Heather's tool of choice in emote-making is Adobe Fireworks MX. Only having created emoticons for a year, Stuck-in-Suburbia has become quite proficient in the art. Even though she doesn't feel she has a particular style,many of her works are easily distinguishable as being her creations. That said, Heather feels she's still learning and growing in her art and her pieces reflect that. She makes a conscious effort to stick with more simplistic emoticons as opposed to more complex/story-related pieces.[1]

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Emoticon Offerings

All of the emoticons she has completed are featured in her gallery. Though she admits that she has made many more pieces which she never finished or abandoned for personal reasons. There are currently over 70 creations and Heather continues to make emoticons regularly.

As previously stated, Stuck-in-Suburbia's gallery features dozens of chat-friendly emoticons. In addition, there are numerous stamps and avatars featuring emoticons created for use by members.

Stuck-in-suburbia-avatar.gif Stuck-in-suburbia-avatar1.gif Stuck-in-suburbia-avatar2.gif Stuck-in-suburbia-penguinstamp.gif Stuck-in-suburbia-minions.png


SIS does not feel there is anyone who directly inspires her, but there are many artists she admires. Fellow emoticonists mintyy, CookiemagiK, Synfull, and brokenboulevard are just a few of the the artists she aspires to be like.[1]

As for general inspiration, Heather often gets ideas when talking to friends. She also turns to requests for ideas for her emoticons.[1]

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Other Art and the Future

Although SIS has done some hand-drawing, she admits that she hasn't done much in recent months and doesn't feel it's one of her strong points. However, she does enjoy traditional digital coloring and that's something she is able to incorporate into emoting.

Heather feels that she is always learning more about making emoticons and, as as result, plans to continue making them. She'd like to try her hand at making larger emoticons and expanding her animation to pieces that are more than "a handful of frames."[1]

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Stuck-In-Suburbia's Web Presence

Stuck-In-Suburbia does not have a personal website, however her gallery of work can be found on her deviantART page.

Notes and References

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