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Special thanks to

The Artists

The many talented smiley artists represented here, that have allowed me to display their work:

The Authors and contributors

The following people, that have either written or contributed to the articles here:

  • BradLee, DrDeisel, and Mirz123

The Coders

  • Nathaniel Herman, for coding the ArticleInfo and SPLIPAGES Extensions for me. BTW SPLITPAGES is an absolute MONSTER of an extension. ;)
  • Splarka and JSharp from #mediawiki IRC.

The following MWUsers forum members, that have also helped me with the coding of this website:

  • Emufarmers, hoggwild, Jack Phoenix, mac77, Michael Daly, Skizzerz, Subfader, and wjk.

The following Wikidot forum members, that helped me with the coding of the original Wikidot Smileypedia website:

  • Ed Johnson, Erich Steinboeck, Gerdami, Helmuti Pdorf, James Kanjo, Phil Chett and Timothy Foster.