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BlissfullySarcastic is a popular emoticonist in the deviantART community. "Bliss" (as she is commonly known) is based in Florida, United States. Her given name is Kristen.

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Prior to making emoticons, BlissfullySarcastic started off by creating icons for AIM. She admits they were not very good and that the animation was choppy.[1] A couple of years later, she forayed into making emoticons. After receiving a critique from fellow artist, Synfull, she became more serious about their creation, concentrating on better shading and smoother animation. Bliss also credits artist Emotikonz for being a great source of support during those early days.[2]

Creation and Style

Kristen proudly admits to using MS Paint for her emoticon creations and has even started an #MSPixelers Group on deviantART for fellow MS Paint enthusiasts. Kristen also uses the open-source program, GIMP, for animation. Though she has recently been trying to switch over to Adobe Fireworks.[2]

Bliss notes that she likes "shiny, squishy emotes", as well as those that are funny and/or cute. Her own creations reflect these preferences. Kristen tries to experiment as much as possible, continuing to refine her skills.[1][2] She primarily creates smaller emoticons with a more limited number of frames. This makes her emotes particularly useful for chats and comments. Though, don't be fooled by the seemingly simplistic nature of her emotes. Bliss's creations are well pixelled and nicely orchestrated.

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Emoticon Offerings

Kristen is unsure of exactly how many emoticons she has created over the years, and admits that she only uploads about five percent of the emoticons that she makes.[1][2] However, currently she has over 120 in her deviantART gallery. Her emoticons feature a wide range of emotions and expressions.

In addition to traditional emoticons, Bliss's gallery also features a series of adult-themed emoticons. She did not set out deliberately to create such works, but due to a typo by a fellow artist, harvest-jacobina, she created an emote to tease her friend about the mistake. The emoticon became quite popular amongst some of the community's chat users and she received various requests for more. As her fans don't seem to be offended by them, Kristen continues to make the NSFW emoticons on occasion.[2]

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As mentioned, Kristen credits artists Synfull and Emotikonz as being a big source of inspiration. She also gets ideas from random things she sees or conversations she has with other people, particularly while chatting.

Other Art and the Future

Aside from emoticons, Bliss also creates vector graphics and pixel-art. She dabbles in photography as well. Outside of the digital realm, she creates lots of artisan crafts, though she rarely uploads those to her online gallery.

Bliss loves creating emoticons, which she fondly refers to as "little balls of fun." She personally feels that she's still getting the hang of animation and continues to try to better her skills in that area. She hopes in the future that she'll be able to handle more complex animations, as most of her current works are under twenty frames.[2]

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BlissfullySarcastic's Web Presence

BlissfullySarcastic does not have a personal website, however her gallery of work can be found on her deviantART page.

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