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catluvr2 is an emoticonist from the USA. He is an active member of the deviantART community, and is also the founder of a dA group for emoticon prints called #EmotiPrints. His given name is Andrew.

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Andrew joined deviantART back in late 2005, but he didn't start making emoticons until later in 2006. He started making emoticons because "(he) saw them and thought that they were interesting," and so he decided to try and make his own.[1]

Andrew's first emote was an orange cat drawn with Microsoft Paint, which he made for a totally different site. Catluvr2-catluvr2 V 1.gif Later on he made a few ninja emoticons Catluvr2-ninjastar.gif and a large animated emoticon in GIMP, but then he discovered Fireworks and "fell in love with it."[1] Originally he started out making emoticons with the vector tools in Fireworks, but then he started experimenting with the pencil tool, and he has only gone back to vector emoticons a couple of times since then.[1]

Original Characters

Andrew has two original characters. A little orange cat named catluvr2 - which he jokes is "really original", and an aqua colored emoticon named Steve. Steve tends to wear a hat with a bobble on it, and is always happy.[1]

Catluvr2-catluvr2 v 2.gif Catluvr2-Boingy.gif

Ideas & Tools Used

As mentioned, Andrew uses Microsoft Paint, the GIMP, and Macromedia Fireworks 8 to make his emoticons. Andrew gets his ideas from chatrooms, typos, current events and from various other places. He doesn't remember who influenced him when he first started, but he's "sure that someone did."[1]

Awards and Community Involvement

Andrew has received two daily deviations on deviantART for his emoticons. The first one was for his "Tard 2" emoticon Catluvr2-Tard 2.gif, and the other for his "Delivering the Mail" emoticon. Catluvr2-Delivering the mail.gif

Andrew was an Emoticon Gallery Moderator on deviantART "for a little while" in the early part of 2010. He is also running a news article series featuring emoticons, called "Emotional Emoticons."[1] Each Emotional Emoticons issue features an assortment of emotes from deviantART, based around a different theme.

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The Hardest Part

Andrew believes that "a good idea, good shading, and usability make a good emote." He finds "getting it exactly the way he pictures it in his mind" to be the hardest part. Andrew also has this advice for emoticonists just starting out:

"Remember, no matter WHO you think is perfect, they weren't always perfect. Everybody has to start somewhere. If you practice, you get better."

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Other Art & The Future

Apart from making emotes, Andrew also enjoys drawing pencil sketches, oil painting and knitting.[1][2] As for future goals, Andrew would like to get better at hand-shading larger emoticons, and also have more people join his #EmotiPrints group.[1]


Catluvr2's Web Presence

Catluvr2 doesn't have a personal website, however all of his art can be found on his deviantART page.

Catluvr2-Fail Truck.gif


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