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Joel aka "CookiemagiK", is an emoticonist from Norway. He is one of the most well-known emoticonists of the deviantART community, where he also served as a gallery moderator of the Emoticons section from August 2009 - December 2009,[1][2] before stepping down in order to pursue his Masters degree in Computer Science. He also notes that his time to make new emotes has greatly diminished.[3]


CookiemagiK, began making emotes shortly after joining deviantART in September 2007. Having seen other artist's emoticons, he thought they "looked fun" and decided to try making them for himself. He did not use any tutorials, but rather simply studied the works of other artists to get an idea on how to create them.[4]

Cookiemagik-cheerleader.gif Cookiemagik-yaay.gif Cookiemagik-redbullglomp.gif Cookiemagik-gimmefoodz.gif Cookiemagik-carameldansen.gif

Style and Technique

Cookiemagik's emotes are intricate animations, that feature fluid and often complex movements, such as sophisticated springs and bounces. He creates the majority of his emotes in Fireworks CS4, and prefers to color his emoticons using a simple gradient. This technique allows him to focus more on the animation qualities of the piece rather than the detail of the emote itself.[4] However, he will hand-shade when concerned about file size.[3] Watching a CookiemagiK animation, it is clear that much time and work is put into each piece.

Cookiemagik-ultimatecombo.gif Cookiemagik-supervolley.gif Cookiemagik-guitarhero.gif Cookiemagik-llamaarmy.gif

Smiley Offerings

CookiemagiK's deviantART gallery contains approximately 130 emoticon creations, from simple to complex. His offerings include animations featuring his original character, Dr. Specz. Dr. Specz is an evil genius who thrives on anarchy and creates elaborate machines to enact his dasterdly deeds. Joel makes it clear, however, that Dr. Specz is not a representation of himself.[4]

Cookiemagik-deathray.gif Cookiemagik-madexplosion.gif Cookiemagik-prettylandmine.gif Cookiemagik-playtime.gif

The Future

As many other emoticonists, Joel would like to see emoticons created in 3-D.[4] Since emoting is a hobby he greatly enjoys, CookiemagiK hopes to continuing making the tiny graphics as long as he had ideas for them.[3]

Cookiemagik-dancelesson.gif Cookiemagik-rescuemission.gif Cookiemagik-ninjapirate.gif Cookiemagik-harmonies.gif

CookiemagiK's Web Presence

CookiemagiK does not have a personal website at this time, however all his work can be found on his deviantART page.

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