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Deirdre Moore aka DrDeisel is an emerging smiley artist from Canada. She has only been making smileys since June 2009, but she has already managed to develop an impressive portfolio of works in that time. DrDeisel works as an executive assistant, and can be found reading mysteries and doing crossword puzzles in her spare time.

DrDeisel-OneJoy.gif DrDeisel-JobHunt.gif DrDeisel-OZtralian.gif


DrDeisel has no formal background in art. Her parents didn't think art was a "real" subject to take in school and wouldn't allow any art courses.

DrDeisel first started making smilies by trying Balamm's smiley set generator. After that she "got hooked" and decided to try making her own. It was then that she exploded onto the smiley scene with her rock band smileys. She describes the original versions as "very crude," but she later refined and animated them.

DrDeisel-PoisonA.gif DrDeisel-ZebraAlt.gif DrDeisel-StonerA.gif DrDeisel-Lover.gif DrDeisel-ThunderAlt.gif

From there, she then went on to create her Masquerade smiley set -- a set of 42 smileys, available in both animated and non-animated versions. DrDeisel considers the Harlequin smiley from this set as her first "real smiley," and her Kwanzaa smiley as her first real non-masked smiley.

DrDeisel-Harlequin.gif DrDeisel-Kwanzaa.gif


DrDeisel uses MS Paint to draw a lot of the parts, Photoshop to put the parts together, and Balamm's GIF Animator to put the frames together and animate them.

Ideas and inspiration

DrDeisel gets her ideas mostly from people asking for something specific and "likes the challenge of realizing their visions."

DrDeisel admires "sooo many artists", but Balamm, Mirz123, and Laie are "the first that pop to mind." She also notes that "without the kindness and encouragement of people at the SmileyGenerator and Koloboks forums, I would likely never have tried my hand, and I can't thank them enough."

DrDeisel-Mignon.gif DrDeisel-Tatters.gif DrDeisel-TheHat.gif DrDeisel-Millie.gif DrDeisel-IceQueen.gif DrDeisel-Claire de Lune.gif

The Hardest Part

DrDeisel believes that "An honesty of emotion in a brief space of time" makes a good smiley. "They have to make me feel what the person who made it (or used it) was feeling."


DrDeisel finds the "tiny little space" the hardest part about making a smiley. "I once made the earth in a space 18 pixels x 18 pixels and still got the continents (I think) fairly recognizable. It's sometimes a real challenge."

DrDeisel also wants to encourage "the timid ones out there who are hesitating to try it and post the results at one of the forums. No one will be cruel and you might start a great hobby!"

Goals and The Future

DrDeisel doesn't have any goals for her future art. Neither does she have any ambitions to create anything larger or more time-consuming. Instead, she intends to just keeping having fun with it: "As long as I'm having fun, I'll keep making them."


DrDeisel's Webpage

All of DrDeisel's smileys can be found on her SmileyGenerator page.


  • Email correspondence with DrDeisel. (August 2010).
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