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Droneguard is a popular emoticonist from the deviantART community. He is considered one of the site's "major" emoticonists, having some of the most popular emote creations on the site. His given name is Rutger (a Dutch name he notes is not often heard), and he resides in the Netherlands.[1]

Droneguard-Can we go NAO.gif Droneguard-Turbo poke.gif Droneguard-Omg I gets present.gif Droneguard-Computer monster.gif


Droneguard has been creating emoticons since April 28, 2007. After participating in the deviantART community for about a year, Rutger became interested in the emotes contained in the site's legend. He says the "little round characters intrigued me, maybe because they remind us of ourselves."[2] Out of pure curiosity, he decided to make them on his own. After grabbing an emote tutorial and studying some of the existing emoticons, he began trying various things and soon was creating them on a regular basis.

Creation and Style

In his early attempts to make emoticons, Droneguard started out with a few old animation programs. However, once he acquired Adobe Photoshop CS2, he has used it exclusively to make his emoticon creations.[1]

Rutger's emoticons are well known for their shiny coloring, large eyes, and oftentimes jumbo size. Admiring emotes featuring strong shading, animation, and expressions, he has endeavored to incorporate those qualities into his work. That said, Droneguard admits to having a particular fondness for flexible emotes which give the illusion that one can "pick them up and squeeze them." He feels that his emotes stand out by "being fluid in movement and 3D-ish." He also adds that lots of practice made it possible for him to rise to that level of pixelling.[2]

Droneguard-Bounce together.gif Droneguard-Summer Ice tards.gif Droneguard-Massive emote bump.gif Droneguard-Open wide and say A.gif

Emoticon Offerings

Droneguard tries to stay ahead of the pack and create new and intriguing pieces, though admittedly he will follow trends on occasion. His gallery is filled with a wide-range of emoticons, from simple chat-friendly pieces to elaborate "mega emote" creations. Though Droneguard allows his emoticons to be used in the MSN chat program and select pieces are available for general use, the majority of his works are restricted to viewing and use only on the deviantART website. When asked why he institutes such a restrictive policy, his answer is logical and thoughtful:

"Personally I believe that sometimes you just have to look at things and wonder. To see the beauty in it. To know there is a place on the net where there is something that is unique and worth visiting. If I would tell people to go ahead and use my work everywhere then where is the uniqueness, where is the beauty? Might sound selfish, but to me it's important. What is a Mona Lisa, when everybody has one?"[1]

Droneguard-I has Alien.gif Droneguard-Cyberpunk.gif Droneguard-Keyboard lulz.gif Droneguard-Hologram Future contest entry.gif

Original Characters

Aside from his stunning work, Droneguard is also widely-known for his original characters, Droney and Butchie. Depicted as little devils, the characters are very different from each other. Droney is a large, mostly evil character, while Butchie is cute and innocent. They create an interesting team, providing a balance to each other.

Droneguard-Fire attack fail.gif Droneguard-Cryo sleep.gif Droneguard-Roller Coast entry.gif


Droneguard names fellow emoticonists, Crula and Leo Leonardo, as being the two artists who inspired him to start creating emotes.[1] In general, the reactions of his fans and fellow-emoticonists is one of the main motivators in his work. Rutger feels the feedback he receives from his viewers is vital as it shows him if he is improving or not.[2] He aspires to create pieces that make people wonder: "How the hell did he do that?" or "What made him create that?" When his viewers are amazed and/or entertained, he feels he has reached his his goal.[1]

Droneguard-Futurama scooter.gif {{#smile:Droneguard-arkaemote}} Droneguard-Omg I can fly.gif {{#smile:Droneguard-superfart}}

Other Art and The Future

Aside from emoting, Rutger dabbles in photography, though admittedly he does not do it often these days. While he continues to currently make emoticons, he admits that only the future will tell if he will do so much longer, as it can be a daunting task to continue doing something that hasn't been done before. Though he adds that as long as he is not bored with the medium, he'll keep making emoticons.

Droneguard's Web Presence

Droneguard-Non stop.gif

As mentioned before, Droneguard's emoticons are featured exclusively on his deviantART page. In addition, he has a YouTube page, with a collection of his favorite music and other goodies.

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