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Caroline Jones aka "Emotikonz", is an emoticonist who is widely known in the deviantART community. Caroline is known not only for her skill in creating emoticons, but for specifically creating emotes for public use in online applications such as Instant Messaging programs (IMs).

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Caroline's foray into smiley-art began in high school when she was playing around with Photoshop and found a tutorial on how to make emoticons. Looking back on her early works, she is surprised how well-formed they are. She notes that she "plays to win" [1] and that from the beginning she wanted to create something notable.

Smiley Offerings

Emotikonz currently offers over 60 different emotes specifically created for use with IMs and other online applications. Her emotes are available in single form or in easily downloadable packs. Her packs also include fan-art emoticons from the Disney series, "Lilo and Stitch". Caroline has the added distinction of having created the Bitsymap_Font, one of the first pixel fonts created specifically for use in smiley-art.

Emotikonz generally uses a slightly larger base for her emotes (16x16), and many of her original creations are at that size. However, recently she has begun a project to convert them to a more standard 15x15 base.

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Smiley Style

Emotikonz chooses a more realistic style for her emotes. She takes pride in her animotes (animal emotes). While many artists traditionally tackle common animals, such as bears and farm animals, Emotikonz likes to depict more unusual creatures such as bats and insects. She is particularly proud of her works which feature animals native to her country, New Zealand.

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Original Characters

The creation of original characters (OCs) to use in smiley-art is a popular practice on deviantART. Emotikonz's OCs include Cuddles--a beaver, Owlie--an owl, and Wally--a turkey. She also creates Character Panels, which feature her OCs and those of other artists, as well as including facts about each individual character.

Emotikonz-Wallypanel.gif Emotikonz-Cuddles.gif Emotikonz-Owlie.gif Emotikonz-sorry.gif

Other Art

Aside from smileys, Caroline also does traditional pixel-art. Under the username Karciyin, she creates traditionally drawn pieces, vector art, and digital paintings. Her next artistic goal is to venture into Flash animation --something she is excited to undertake.

Inspiration and the Future

Caroline gets much of her inspiration for making IM emotes from her personal use of instant messaging. When she finds a need for a particular emote, she will consider if it will be used widely, and if so, she'll create it for her own use and for her fans. She also asks her fans for feedback. While she may not make every emote on the suggestion list, it gives her a good base of ideas to work from.

A young emoticonist, Caroline feels that creating emoticons is something she can do "fairly well." [1] While she is still practicing with traditional drawing, she sees herself doing emotes well into the future.

Emotikonz' Web Presence

Caroline does not have a website at this time, but all of her art can be readily found on her artist's page on deviantART.

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Notes and References

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