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Fool is a Russian smiley artist that has been making smileys for approximately 5 years.[1] Fool, who prefers to be known simply as "Fool,"[2] is a highly respected smiley artist whose smileys are instantly recognisable. His artistic style is often imitated by other smiley artists, and his smileys have been re-made many times over in different styles.

Fool-fly2.gif Fool-hb.gif Fool-mat.gif Fool-sumo.gif

No doubt some of your favourite smileys will either be Fool's work or a remake of his work.

Fool's Ideas

What many people appreciate most about Fool's smileys are his original ideas. His sense of humour also gives his smileys personality and soul. Fool says that his ideas for his smileys come from conversations that have taken place, his wife, and his love of cartoons, (including SpongeBob SquarePants).[1][2]

Fool-budo.gif Fool-wan.gif

Physical Characteristics

Fool's smileys are all created with a characteristic bright yellow base that is unshaded. The base is also smaller than an IPB style smiley or a Kolobok (15x15 pixels), which makes his work even more impressive given he has such a small canvas to work on.

Fool says that he "didn't think of style" when he first set out to create his smileys. He just set out to give his smileys "a touch of life... soul." The yellow colour was the default of the forum, as was the size of the smiley base.[1]

Another feature of Fool's smileys is that they have very distinct hands. They could probably be described as "stick-hands" because they look like the type of hands you draw when drawing a stick-figure. The hands came about because "I needed hands for an action and here we go." [1] Fool-ser.gif

The inspiration for the waving action "comes from my favourite girl, who used to participate in such acts (and who I've called my wife for some time by now)." [2]

BradLee-hands example.gif
Some examples of Fool's "stick-hands."

Fool also creates girl smileys, which are easily recognisable by their characteristic blue bow.

An example of a typical boy and girl smiley by Fool.

Fool's Website

Button fool.gif

Fool's website contains all the smileys that Fool has made, as well as a smiley-making tutorial explaining how to make your own. Sadly no new smileys have been added since 2006, but Fool still maintains the site and occasionally adds his new pixel artworks to it. Make sure you take a look while you are there, because they are absolutely incredible.

Update 2019

Fool used to have a website called "Foolstown" which contained all the smileys that he had made. Sadly this was closed in 2009. However all his smileys are now hosted on the Kolobok website. Some of his other pixel artwork can be found on his deviantart webpage, however most of it is has been removed, and a lot is missing.

Notes and References

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