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Just Cuz is an American born smiley artist, who had been making smileys since 2003.[1] Just Cuz has had a few online identities including "Titey," "HoosierDude," "Grins," and "Just Cuz," creating smileys under each of these. He also shared his "Just Cuz" moniker for a brief time with his uncle.[2]

Just Cuz-coffee.gif Just Cuz-kissme.gif Just Cuz-LOL.gif Just Cuz-tumbleweed.gif Just Cuz-moon.gif

Just Cuz is also responsible for a number of "classic" smileys, such as kissme, tumbleweed, LOL, and many, many, others. But perhaps his most famous smiley is his hysterical smiley, which was a conversion of a Yahoo! smiley, and was later converted again by SmileyCentral (who kept the blue shoes).

Yahoo-24.gif ->Just Cuz-hysterical.gif -> {{#smile:rotfl}}
The evolution of the "ROFL" smiley.
Pictured (Left to Right): The Yahoo! original, Just Cuz' conversion,
and SmileyCentral's re-conversion.

Smiley Style

Just Cuz' style has evolved over time. He started by making normal non-descript smileys, then moved on to making IPB smileys, and eventually settled on Koloboks.

Just Cuz-shhh.gif Just Cuz-whack.gif Just Cuz-sneaky.gif Just Cuz-pray.gif Just Cuz-handshake.gif


Just Cuz has been a moderator on a number of smiley sites, including the popular Wenpigsfly and Kolobok websites.

Wenpigsfly Involvement

Balamm discusses Just Cuz' Wenpigsfly involvement here:

"HoosierDude (AKA just cuz, grins, HD, and a bunch more) used to run wenpigsfly, while I just hosted it. I started it on my ISP webspace, HD expressed an interest and took it over for a short time. But running a growing website first hand wasn't his favorite thing, so he eventually stepped back into the role of artist and 'greeter' instead. Then he was a mod on the forum etc... He had artistic design freedom for the early version, probably a better description than "run by." Actually, what he did was create the first real html site layout and graphics. He did a pretty good job, but it was outdated by the time he finished. I kept it up that way for quite a while with links to the new forum, but it was getting too big and needed a whole new design to manage all the smileys and stuff."[3][4]

Koloboks Involvement

Just Cuz was also one of the moderators on Kolobok forum. Aiwan had this to say about him: "He was a good moderator, assisted with the English visitors."[5] Aiwan also considers him "a good friend" and "a talented artist."[5]


Apart from being a moderator on several forums, Just Cuz also helped other people learn how to make their own smileys. He always took the time to comment on new artist's smileys, and would offer helpful advice on how they could be improved.

Just Cuz-highfive.gif

Artist Attribution

Another thing that Just Cuz did was "insist on artist recognition and proper terms of use for all smileys,"[4] which is something that didn't happen much back then.


Just Cuz-wanted.gif Just Cuz suddenly disappeared in April 2008, and he has not been seen online since. He is certainly missed by all who knew him though.

The last two smileys he made before disappearing are among his best works. Just Cuz-cupidgirl.gif Just Cuz-cupidboy.gif

Just Cuz' Website

Just Cuz is still listed as one of the main artists on the Kolobok website, although he has not been there in a long time and no one knows his whereabouts. A number of his smileys can be found there, but most are scattered throughout the web.

Just Cuz-banger.gif Just Cuz-dance.gif Just Cuz-hurrah.gif

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