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KimRaiFan is a popular emoticonist from Romania. Though many fans mistakingly believe her name to be Kim, her proper name is actually Diana. She is an active member of the deviantART community.

KimRaiFan-juggle.gif KimRaiFan-penguinhug.gif KimRaiFan-evileye.gif KimRaiFan-dead.gif


KimRaiFan began making emoticons sometime in 2008. It was mere curiosity that set her on that artistic endeavor. After simply watching many emotes, she created her own, which turned out to be a 14x14 pixel creation (a tad smaller than the standard 15x15 size emoticon).[1] Realizing this, she decided to get more serious, downloading several emotes and zooming-in to study their detail. It was through this method that Diana refined her skills. During this early period she did not use any tutorials, but exclusively studied various emoticons from the deviantART legend.[1]

Creation and Style

The majority of KimRaiFan's emoticons are created using Photoshop CS2. However for static emotes, she enjoys using MS Paint "just for fun." [1]

One of the most prominent characteristics of KimRaiFan's gallery is the playfulness and downright silliness of the emoticons. She often incorporates pronounced features and exaggerated expressions. While Diana does not feel she has a specific style, she does note that she makes a decided effort to add some humor to each of her emotes.[1] Another characteristic of her more popular emotes are the oftentimes intricate and detailed props and backgrounds.

KimRaiFan-fly toilet fly.gif KimRaiFan-omnomnom.gif KimRaiFan-mcdonalds addicted.gif KimRaiFan-aaah a spider d d d.gif

Emoticon Offerings

There are currently over 140 emoticons in KimRaiFan's gallery. They cover a wide range of uses and themes, from simple and comical chat emotes, to more detailed and stunning emoticon art.

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Diana credits the emoticonist community as being a huge inspiration in her growth as an emote artist. However, emoticonists Synfull, LeoLeonardo and CookiemagiK have been a particular source of inspiration and encouragement.

As for where she gets her ideas, Diana notes that a great deal of inspiration from MSN conversations with fellow emoticonist, Colorcatcher. Music and song lyrics are another big source of ideas, as well as simple random thoughts.

Other Art and the Future

Outside of deviantART, KimRaiFan is more of a traditional artist, dabbling in various mediums. She also enjoys writing poetry. While her deviantART gallery is more focused on emoticons, you can find various hand-drawn and digital creations and she hopes to add more in the future.

Since emoticons are one of her biggest hobbies, Diana feels she will continue making them as long as ideas develop. She would also like to venture into more complex animations. Her current aspiration is to tackle a spinning animation of her original character, Buck, a feat she feels will be a bit challenging since he is double colored.[1]

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KimRaiFan's Web Presence

KimRaiFan does not have a personal website, however her gallery of work can be found on her deviantART page.

Notes and References

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