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Kristina Pest aka "krissi001", is an emoticonist from North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany. She is an active senior member of the community at When asked why she loves creating emotes, her answer was because they are "so much fun that I kept continuing to create them."[1]

Krissi001-blankstrip.gif Krissi001-strider.gif Krissi001-tease.gif Krissi001-grinnod.gif


Krissi began creating emoticons in 2008 after finding a tutorial on deviantART. Her first icons were made using simple gradients and blur effects.[1] As she became more refined in her art, she created her own shading and now hand-pixels her work.[2]

Smiley Offerings

krissi001 has created over 60 different emotes featuring a wide-range of subjects and emotions. Her work was instrumental in the "big emote" movement, which pushed emoticons beyond the standard 15x15 sizing and displayed them in super-sizes.[1]

Krissi001-bigkrissi.gif Krissi001-bigtard.gif Krissi001-blankbig.png Krissi001-yingyang.png

Smiley Style

Althought Krissi doesn't personally feel her emoticons stand out from others, her work does have clear distinctions in styling. Particularly the expressive eyes and the wide range of expressions.

Krissi001-choochoo.gif Krissi001-playground.gif Krissi001-netlove.gif Krissi001-nexttain.gif

Original Character

Krissi has an original character (OC) with the same name. However, she does not feel that emote-Krissi is a small version of herself. She admits that she makes her character do things she would never do in real life.[2] Plus, in real-life Krissi doesn't wear a red bow.

Krissi001-bounceroll.gif Krissi001-leopope.gif Krissi001-glassse.gif Krissi001-happy.png

Other Art

Krissi is a multi-talented artist, creating traditionally drawn art, vectors, and detailed emoticons. Her deviantART gallery is filled with pencil sketches, drawn smilies, as well as her signature emoticons. She has plans to start working in digital art in the near future. While she does do other art, she feels that emoticons will always be a part of her artistic life, particularly since it led her to many of her close friends.[2]

krissi001's Web Presence

Krissi is active in several online communities, however her deviantART page is where most of her emoticons are featured. She does not have a personal website at this time.

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