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Nicolas aka "MixedMilkChOcOlate", is an emoticonist from France who is highly regarded in the deviantART community. MixedMilkChOcOlate is the twin brother of MenInASuitcase, another popular emoticonist whom he occasionally works with on emoticon-related projects. Nicolas is a web programmer by profession.

MixedMilkChocolate-baby eager.gif MixedMilkChocolate-swimote.gif MixedMilkChocolate-twinballoon.gif MixedMilkChocolate-spiderman.gif


Nico, as he likes to be called, began creating emoticons in February of 2008 after seeing an emote animation by another artist on deviantART. Already having some experience in animations, and after briefly reading up on shading techniques, Nico plunged into the art of emote making. His program of choice for creating his works is Photoshop.[1]


Nico's core philosophy in emoting is to try to find new ways to do his art. He desires to better his skills, not so much to create more spectacular work, but so that he can continue to make emoticons that appeal to him.[1]

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Smiley Offerings

MixedMilkChocolate has created more than 250 emoticons, the vast majority of them animated. Currently, his gallery at deviantART features over 180 animated and 18 static emotes. Nico enjoys seeing other people using his emote and encourages responsible use of his work.

MixedMilkChocolate-sheriffbounce.gif MixedMilkChocolate-sparklydestigor.gif MixedMilkChocolate-felix.gif

Smiley Style

Nico prides himself on the fact that he does not have a specific style. He enjoys working in a variety of mediums and styles and is proud of his diverse gallery. Despite that, Nico does have a few trademarks to his work, one being his highly stylized and detailed backgrounds. He often uses elaborate canvases to situate his smileys and create a full scene/picture. Another distinction of Nico's work is the "bounciness" of his emotes.

Nico is well-known for his desire to try new things and test the boundaries of emote making. He is constantly experimenting with new styles, perspectives, and ideas. As a result, his gallery is wide and diverse, offering simplistic single emote designs, as well elaborate emote-art creations.

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Other Art

Aside from smileys, Nico has forayed into Flash projects. He has incorporated his emotes into several Flash projects including interactive games. His next challenge is working with vectors and more sophisticated Flash animations.

Inspiration and the Future

While Nico doesn't think he'll ever stop making emotes, he finds himself looking for new challenges. Having already translated many of his ideas into emoticons, he does find it difficult to make new work at the level he did in the past. He finds inspiration in the new and upcoming emoticonists and feels that he will continue to be a part of the emoticon community into the future.[2]

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MixedMilkChOcOlate's Web Presence

MMC briefly maintained a website of his emote work called PixhellArt, however the site is now stagnant. Nico is currently concentrating on creating an online portfolio to showcase the various areas of his artwork. In the meantime, you can see all of his artworks displayed on his deviantART page.

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