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Seiorai is a new and up-and-coming emoticonist in the deviantART community.

An artist from Romania, Seiorai (whose real name is Alice) created her first emoticon in August 2009 and quickly became a favorite among deviantART's emoticon lovers. She had done some pixel-art before delving into emoting, yet nothing complex. When her friend on deviantART hosted an emote-themed community art project, Seiorai promised she would enter. Already familiar with the work of other emoticonists, and having knowledge of animation techniques, she found the creation process "pretty easy."[1] Her first emoticon published was "Love Fisher," a piece so well-done that it was recognized with a Daily Deviation.

Seiorai-slowrevamp.gif Seiorai-Steph1254.gif Seiorai-SleepingMoon.gif Seiorai-lovefisher.gif

Smiley Style and Offerings

Aside from a few "starter" emotes, Seiorai's deviantART gallery contains all of her emoticon work. Since she is still very new to the emoticon scene, Seiorai has a little over a dozen emoticons in her collection, but is regularly adding new works. She is well-known for her super "shiney" emote shading. Alice is fond of bright colors, complex environments, and detailed pixelling, and her emote animations reflect that. One thing she feels very strongly about is that her works "must tell a story!"[1]

Seiorai-Serenataaaa.png Seiorai-mirror.gif Seiorai-ScienceFair.gif Seiorai-OutIntruder.gif

Original Characters

Seiorai has one core original character, an angel named Jillian. Jillian is energetic, yet innocent, and she has a desire to perform and be a star. This is illustrated through many of the emote pieces in which she is featured.

Seiorai-jillian.png Seiorai-magic.png Seiorai-LoveStall.png Seiorai-diva.gif

Other Art

Aside from emotes, Seiorai is an accomplished digital artist, creating intricate semi-realism-paintings and chibis works, many on commission. A multi-talented artist, Alice also works on web interfaces, traditional drawing, Flash animations, fashion design, as well as fiber-art (knitting).[1]

Inspiration and the Future

Seiorai feels that her main inspiration to start emoting was from her emoticonist friend, Sinister-Starfeesh. Her inspiration for individual works come randomly. She admits to having many "papersheets filled with random emotescribbles." Seiorai also finds inspiration in the works of other emoticonists. When creating her emoticons, Alice loves to listen to "loads of music."[1]

Seiorai enjoys doing pixel-art and plans to continue making emote-art into the future. She would like to try works with more perspective and the join other emoticonists in a collaboration.[1]

Seiorai-showtime.png Seiorai-followtheway.gif Seiorai-NotreCoindeParadis.gif

Seiorai's Web Presence

While she has considered creating her own site, at this time Seiorai does not have her own personal webspace. Her work can be found in her deviantART gallery.

Notes and References

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