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Jump to: navigation, search (and it's mirror site is the creation of Balamm and has existed in various incarnations for the past 6 years. The Smileygenerator website is stuffed to the brim with approximately 18GB of original content,[1] and features thousands of smileys in IPB style, as well as Smiley Generators, Smiley Sign-makers and Custom Smiley Sets.

Balamm-DRWHO smile.gif Balamm-ALIEN2 blink.gif Balamm-CATINTHEHAT biggrin.gif Balamm-WEATHER laugh.gif

Smileygenerator History

Smileygenerator started life as a Shaw member account in early 2003,[1] and the actual domain name was registered in 2004.[2] In 2003, Balamm also created Wenpigsfly (another popular smiley website). It ran for a brief period under the artistic direction of HoosierDude, until he stepped back into the main role of artist and "greeter."[3] Most of the content from Wenpigsfly was later absorbed into in mid to late 2005, and finally the two forums were merged in early 2006.[3]

Note: Balamm has recently restored Wenpigsfly for posterity, and it can now be found here.

Smiley Generators & Smiley Sign-makers

One of the main highlights of is the smiley generators, of which there are many.

The Smiley Generator and Drag n Drop Smiley Generator: lets you choose from a number of smiley parts and accessories to assemble a smiley to your liking.

The Smiley Signs Basic Generator and new Smiley Signs 2010 Premium Generator: lets you choose from several smileys, and add your own custom message to the sign. The Smiley Signs 2010 Premium Generator is available to members only, and provides even more smileys and customisation options than the "basic generator". Options include font, animation, sign width, frame, sign color, font color, and border color.

Some example smileys generated by the Smiley Signs 2010 Premium Generator.

The Spray Paint Sigs Generator: generates a smiley that spraypaints a custom message. You can also choose from either a male or female smiley, use text characters, choose the paint colour, and select from a number of different animated endings. The first web-based version of the generator was a combined project between Aiwan, balamm and Laie. However since then, they have gone on to develop their own variations.

SmileyGenerator-WELCOME 2.gif

The Smiley Tags Generator: is an offshoot of the Spray Paint Sigs Generator. However instead of spraypainting your custom text, the smiley handwrites them with a pen instead. The current version only has a single font with a set text size, however there is an even more advanced version in the works.


The SmileyTime and Weather Generator: creates a small image which is perfect for a forum signature or blog. Simply select your country and city, set a few options, and your local time and weather will be displayed "smiley style".

SG time and weather.gif
An example image generated by The SmileyTime &
Weather Generator.

The Multiple Animation Combiner: is balamm's most ambitious generator to date. Having made some of the most sophisticated smileygenerators online, this is the culmination of 10 years experience. The Multiple Animation combiner is able to overlay two different animations (even with different timing), to create a single animated image. Not only was it the first program to be able to combine animations, it is still the only program able to do this, free OR commercial.

The list above is by no means comprehensive, and you really owe it to yourself to visit the site and have a look.

Smiley Sets

Apart from the Smiley Generators & Smiley Sign-makers, the Smileygenerator website also has smiley sets for you to download and use on your own forums. There are currently 500+ Smiley Sets available,[4] and the website is regularly updated with new smiley sets.

BradLee-SG smileysets plant2.gif

Smileygenerator Philosophy

One of the taglines for Smileygenerator is "Real Smileys for Real People," and Balamm makes no apology for the fact that some of the Smileygenerator smileys reflect real life.

Balamm-LifeSucks.gif "If we all just made silly little things riding bikes and swings and being unrealistically happy or amused, without illustrating real life emotions and situations in some way, it would get pretty boring I think." [5]

Having said that, Smileygenerator is not without its lighter share of moments too. Balamm-Excitable2.gif

Smileygenerator Forum

The Smileygenerator forum has over 3,500 registered members,[6] and is great place for discussion of "all things smiley."

In order to have access to the all of the sections of the forums, members are required to post at least once a month or to subscribe. This is done to encourage people to participate in making the site better.



You can also request to have a smiley made, and one of the smiley-artists might create it for you.

Adult Smileys

There is also a locked section with adult smileys for the more mature-minded.

Update 2019 has been offline since 2015 for "house cleaning." with a message saying that there is a "new improved Coming Soon." No relaunch date is given however.


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