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SparklyDest is a popular emoticonist in the deviantART community. Her name is derived from an original character she created; the "Dest" is short for "destiny."

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SparklyDest created her first emoticon on November 27, 2006. She became interested in emoticons after noticing them through deviantART's "Daily Deviations" (a daily event showcasing outstanding works by community members). Thinking they were cute and clever, she located an animation program on her computer and endeavored to make her first emote, which she planned to simply use as an avatar. She did not use a tutorial or get any instruction on creating her early emotes. She simply opened her graphics program and began drawing.[1]

Smiley Offerings

SparklyDest's gallery sports over 85 emoticons, the majority being animated. Each and every emote she has created is featured in her deviantART gallery. She admits that most of her emotes are not very useable in chats, given their size and complexity. Her tendencies in creating emotes are based more on the "I-am-amused-by-this-idea," rather than on a specific use.[1]

One of SparklyDest's most recognized emotes is that of a child pulling blocks from a basket and placing them in a row. This emoticon was inspired by her autistic son and was created to encourage autism awareness. As a result, it was recognized by the deviantART community with a Daily Deviation.

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Smiley Style

SparklyDest doesn't feel she has a specific style for her emotes.[1] However, her work tends to feature shiny emotes with prominent expressions. She also leans towards darker, horror-inspired emoticons. While her gallery does contain some emoticons which could be considered "gory", the majority of her horror emotes are light-hearted.

Original Characters

SparklyDest has two main original characters: SparklyDeath and iGor. The majority of her emoticons are featured around those characters. Though the emote characters are horror-related, they are mostly loveable and their antics are more mischievous in nature.

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Other Art and the Future

Aside from emotes, SparklyDest enjoys fiber art, in the form of crochet and cross stitching. She hopes to continue creating emotes into the future as she finds it very relaxing, (when she has the time to devote to it).[1] As a busy mother of two young children, her time for making emotes is limited. She is considering concentrating on static emotes for a while. In the future, she would also like to concentrate on honing her pixel-art skills and creating more detailed backgrounds.

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SparklyDest's Web Presence

SparklyDest does not have a personal website. Her gallery of work can be found on her deviantART page.

Notes and References

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