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Steph Mcstea (also known as Steph1254) is an active emoticonist heavily-involved in the deviantART community. She resides in Newcastle, England.

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Steph began making emoticons in March of 2009 and has "loved every second of it so far!"[1] Having seen emoticons made by fellow members of the community, she decided to try some herself. Her first creations were done totally on her own, without the help of any tutorials. However, when she moved to hand-shading, she did refer to guides by emoticonists darkmoon3636 and luckylinx, which she found very helpful.

Creation and Style

Unable to afford an expensive commercial package such as Photoshop or Fireworks, Steph gave Ulead GIF Animator a shot and has been using it to create emoticons ever since.[1]

Steph doesn't feel she has a distinct style, though notes that her "walking" animation is a bit unique. That said, her preference is static emoticons, since she loves the challenge of making them "simplistic but effective". She also heavily utilizes "sideways smiles" which she feels distinguishes her emotes from many others.[1]

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Emoticon Offerings

Most of the emoticons Steph creates have ended up in her gallery, though there have been some that have not been up to her standards which she has not included. Currently, she has over 90 emoticons in her online collection.

As mentioned above, the majority of Steph's emoticons are static, which make them highly useable in a variety of web-situations. That said, she also has many animated pieces, most which are of the chat-friendly variety.

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Steph credits emoticonist CookiemagiK as being a big source of inspiration to create her own emoticons.

In general, however, Steph is quick to credit her best friend, madfairy7, as being the main source of inspiration and encouragement. Oftentimes, Steph features her friend's original character in her works (depicted by a gray emote in contrast to Steph's red emote) and thus feels there is a special connection to those pieces. General conversations and ideas suggested by madfairy and others are also a source of inspiration for Steph.

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Other Art and the Future

Aside from emoticons, Steph enjoys creating digital art monsters. She has also ventured into vector art, which she feels is "a bridge I'll be crossing a little later on."[1]

Steph enthusiastically notes that she will continue to make emoticons as long as she has an available art program. She feels that creating emoticons is something she absolutely loves to do and is one of her favorite pastimes.

Steph1254's Web Presence

Although Steph muses that she would love to find another emote-based online community, she is still very involved and connected to deviantART, where her gallery of work can be found.

Notes and References

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