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Synfull, whose proper name is Karen, is a popular emoticonist from the United Kingdom. She is a well-known member of the deviantART community, having served as gallery moderator for the emoticon gallery for a period of time.

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Karen began making emoticons in 2006 when she found many of her friends musing "wouldn’t it be great if someone made an emote of..." and she decided to try doing them herself. Receiving positive feedback, she continued making emotes, honing her skills and eventually taking on requests and suggestions.[1]

Inspiration and Creation

Artists often inspire other artists, and Synfull is no exception. She credits artist zachriel (who also creates emoticons under the moniker nillemotes), as playing a massive part in getting her where she is today.[2]

Synfull's tools of choice for creating emotes is Paint Shop Pro and Ulead Gif Animator. While she likes to experiment with new techniques and styles, she prefers to gradually adapt them into her art rather then jumping in.[1] Initially, Karen used a gradient for coloring her emotes, but after urging from other deviants, she shifted to hand-shading. She has recently developed a new shading style she much likes and has slowly been converting some of her older works to the new coloring.

Synfull-pot head.gif Synfull-loves.gif Synfull-hologramhug.gif Synfull-happypills.gif Synfull-smallwave new shading.gif

Emoticon Offerings

Example of Synfull's papermotes. (Click to enlarge).

When asked how many emotes and related creations she has made over the years, Synfull admits that she has lost count. Though she estimates the number to be well over 800. The majority of her emoticons can be found in her deviantART gallery, with some exceptions, such as pieces she felt were still works-in-progress.[2]

Synfull's gallery offers a wide-range of emoticon creations, from simple chat-friendly emoticons, to avatars for use on the deviantART site, to larger pieces. Her style is quite unique and many can identify a "Synfull creation" at a glance. Her emoticons often play on words or take on a popular phrase. In addition, she has created numerous fan-art emoticons, such as her adorable set based on the "Winnie the Pooh" characters.

Aside from digital emoticons, Synfull has started a new trend with the creation of "papermotes", which are essentially emoticons created out of colored paper and laminated.

Synfull-mmm pi.png Synfull-eye heart ewe.png Synfull-Winnie the pooh friends.png

Original Character

Synfull is almost as widely known for her Original Character, as she is for her general emoticons. She describes her character, Syn, as being "not quite devil, not quite angel--somewhere in-between."[3] Syn has become Karen's visual representation on the dA website and appears in a fair number of her emoticon creations.

Other Offerings

Aside from emoticons, Karen has also dabbled in knotwork. However, in recent months, she has concentrated mostly on emoticons and pixel-art. In addition to creating emotes, Synfull also develops and publishes numerous tutorials ranging from creating emoticons to how to use them on various chat systems.

Community Involvement

Synfull served as a gallery moderator on deviantART for 9 months, between February and November 2009,[4][5] achieving much in her time before stepping down from the role. Synfull still remains quite active in the dA emoticons community however, and runs several groups on dA including #Emotication - which she founded back in January 2009. She also holds a co-founder position at #dAmn-Emotes, #Pack-it-in, #EmoticonOpus, and moderates the dA emoticonist chatroom - #WeEmote.

Synfull-99bottles.gif Synfull-duckie.gif Synfull-BugTestPlz.png Synfull-jumpingjacks.gif

News Articles

Synfull also watches over 280 different emoticonists accounts on dA,[6] and writes a weekly news article titled "So i herd u liek emotes??" "So i herd u liek emotes" is "a weekly series aimed towards promoting emotes and emoticonists from the dA community. It features emotes posted within the past week from both well known and new emoticonists, as well as featuring some other great emote projects and contests." There was also a fortnightly spinoff news series called "So i herd u liek interviews" which ran for 25 issues, but it has now been wound up. A list of all the "So i herd u liek" articles (emotes and interviews), can be found here.

The Future

Karen is presently attending university and is focusing on computer science. She is not sure where the future will bring her, but currently has no immediate plans to give up emoting. There are many artforms she would like to try, such as crafts and vectors, but due to her heavy school-load, she doesn't have time to commit to learning a new artform right now.[2] Synfull-Reach for the stars.gif

Synfull's Web Presence

Synfull feels that the deviantART site has offered her all that she has needed for an online gallery/portfolio, so she never felt it necessary to create an independent website. You can view her wide-range of work on her deviantART page

Synfull-Garden Well.png

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