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Tards are a popular style of emoticon found on deviantART. Tards are essentially emoticons that display distinct characteristics that make them loveable yet dumb.

KetsuekiRyu-tard i ness.gif Lady-Poptart-Special Rainbow.gif



The original Tardmotes were created by darkmoon3636 back in July 2006, and were submitted to deviantART as part of a Tardmote Emoticon Pack. They were originally designed as a graphical representation of some of the more uncommon ASCII smilies, such as >:3 and :0. They became quite popular on deviantART and darkmoon3636 brought out a second pack in September of that same year. From the original Tardmotes, a new style of emoticons, known as "Tards" evolved.

The Characteristics of a Tard

1. Tards typically have single pixel 'dots' for eyes, opposed to the larger eyes or lines which many emoticonists favour. Occasionally for effect the dots may be placed unevenly, and sometimes a tooth or two added as well, to give off that "dumb" look.

Steph1254-Green Tard.gif Moohug4-Tweedle dee.gif

2. Tards will mostly do silly, dumb stuff. If there's a bomb that you should stay away from, a tard is likely to go up and touch it. Tards also have a very short memory span. So, it's possible that after doing something once and getting bitten, they'll go and do it again - just to check.

ROBINHOOD-short term memory loss.gif Phoenix667-fork in plug.gif

3. Tards are also likely to do silly dances or bounces, just to pass the time.

ParliamentFunk-Dork Dance 2.gif ManiacalMuffin-Pineapple Tard.gif

4. Tards can fall in love. In fact, it is encouraged, as we must develop the tard community.


5. Lastly, tards must ALWAYS be regarded fondly. There is no intention of offense with the term itself.[1] They are just loveable little creatures who crave attention and love.

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Tard evolution

Throughout time, tards have evolved, much like any other type of living creature. Of course, the concept is much the same but things have changed slightly - we see them in different situations, and in more interesting scenarios and of course better made :)

AutumnOwl-Walkin the Rock.gif KatataEtc-baby you can drive my car.gif

Where to find them

You can find even more Tards on deviantART by typing "tard emote" into the search box. There are also a few groups on dA that concentrate on the Tard style of emotes: TheTardClub, #The-Tard-Army and #WeLoveTards, however all are currently inactive.


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