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The Dollhouse was a website that operated from 2002 to 2008.[1][2] It featured the work of Brazilian pixel-artist, Helena Buscario. To the smiley world, it was best known for its unique emoticons. Though the site only featured a few styles of smilies, the exceptional design and expressions made them very popular and widely used, particularly among bloggers.

The Dollhouse-logo1.gif The Dollhouse-logo2.gif

Girl Smilies

The official dollhouse smilies featured a set of girl-faces in a variety of moods and expressions. To tailor to a wide audience, the set was available in various hair, eye, and skin-tone colors/styles. There was also a set of witch-themed smilies for use during Halloween.

The Dollhouse-disappointed.gif The Dollhouse-laugh.gif The Dollhouse-muhaha.gif The Dollhouse-normal.gif The Dollhouse-sick.gif The Dollhouse-wink.gif The Dollhouse-tongue.gif

Bear Smilies

The most popular of the dollhouse smilies is probably the "Beary Special Mood" sets. Featuring Helena's original character Bilbo, the collection consist of 3 separate sets of graphics featuring a wide-range of general moods and expressions. There was also a 4th and 5th set which contained holiday-themed bears.

The Dollhouse-bearmood angry.gif The Dollhouse-bearmood friendly.gif The Dollhouse-bearmood hahaha.gif The Dollhouse-bearmood inlove.gif The Dollhouse-bearmood santa.gif The Dollhouse-bearmood teaching.gif

Pug Smilies

During the time the Dollhouse was online, Helena Buscario also maintained a blog on the site: My Perfect Pug.[3] As the name suggests, the blog was for lovers of the pug breed of dog, and dedicated to her own dog, Alice. Helena created numerous pug-themed graphics for that sub-site, including a pug-themed smilie set which was available for download.

The Dollhouse-pug biggrin.gif The Dollhouse-pug blank.gif The Dollhouse-pug mad.gif The Dollhouse-pug sad.gif The Dollhouse-pug shocked.gif The Dollhouse-pug tongue.gif The Dollhouse-alice.gif


Dollhouse graphics (including the aforementioned smilies) were released under a Creative Commons license,[4] which allows them to be used freely for personal/non-commercial use, as long as they are not altered and that credit is given.[5]

Other Offerings

In addition to smilies, the Dollhouse also showcased numerous other graphics, including doll bases, javascript calendars, and other pixel creations.

The Dollhouse-brazil.gif The Dollhouse-baby.gif The Dollhouse-tulipbasket1.gif The Dollhouse-bunny.gif The Dollhouse-tati.gif

Site Closure

Sadly in 2008, The Dollhouse website closed. Although there are several sites that host some of the graphics and smilies, the majority are no longer available to the public.

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