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Wooded-Wolf is a popular emoticonist from the deviantART community. His given name is Adrian, though he prefers to be called Adi.[1] He resides in the United Kingdom.

Wooded-Wolf-EvolutionOfEmotes.gif Wooded-Wolf-Dynamo.gif Wooded-Wolf-Skippy.gif Wooded-Wolf-Pacman.gif


Wooded-Wolf started creating animated gifs at the age of 13. After a break from pixelling, in September 2007, Adi started making emoticons. His motivation was to create emotes which were not already featured in the deviantART legend, though he hoped the work would also help him get back into basic pixel-art and animation.

Creation and Style

Wooded-Wolf notes that he is self-taught in all digital artforms he utilizes. He has exclusively used Microsoft Paint to create all of his pixel art and emoticons. For animations, he has utilized several freeware programs, including Microsoft GIF Animator, UnFREEz and Beneton Movie GIF, the latter of which he has continued to use for the last two years.[1][2]

Adi doesn't feel he has a particular style, since his ideas tend to be fairly obscure. He does like to experiment with perspective and movement, which is displayed in many of his fluidly animated creations. He prefers to create emoticons with basic movements/expressions and notes that emotes with "just simple eyes" are quite endearing to him. Adi also admits to being obsessed with colour and tries to use it as much as possible in his art, even though he has to fight the tendency to stick with blue and yellow emotes.[1]

Wooded-Wolf-Rainbowmote.gif Wooded-Wolf-Conquering the Elements.gif Wooded-Wolf-You can't make me.gif Wooded-Wolf-Teamwork.gif


Initially boredom was Adi's main inspiration for emote making. Having little time to devote to traditional pixel art, he found emote-making quite similar and realized he could make them fairly quickly. Nowadays inspiration comes from many areas. Generally seeing something interesting can spark off many ideas for him, such as looking at the sky or noticing something for the first time.[2] He also finds himself much inspired by fellow emoticonist, Sinister-Starfeesh, who has provided a lot of support for him over the last year and whom he credits for boosting his enthusiasm in emotes.[1]

Smiley Offerings

One of Wooded-Wolf's earlier emoticon creation packs.

Wooded-Wolf's gallery houses over 160 emoticons, including several packs and bases which were created to help other artists create emoticons. His creations reflect his love of pixel-art and are amazingly detailed. His love of color is also apparent in many of his emoticons. Though Adi notes "I often struggle with movement and timing"[2], his works show it's something he's quite proficient in, and he has created numerous animations which are beautiful to look at. Adi's skills have earned him an impressive 5 daily deviations for his various works on the deviantART website.

Aside from basic emoticon creations, Adi's gallery features numerous emoticons based on the elements and elementals, a theme he has been interested in since he was a small child. He enjoys being able to interpret the elements in unique ways. A subset of this fascination is his "robotized" emoticons, which are not only well-animated, but stunning to look at.

Wooded-Wolf-Inspiration.gif Wooded-Wolf-MysteriousAether.gif Wooded-Wolf-Robots.gif

Original Character

Wooded-Wolf has an original character emoticon which is featured in many of his works. Unique in design, Adi describes his OC, Wolfwood, as "a smelly werewolf."[3] Even though one may associate werewolves with horror, most of the pieces featuring Wolfwood are far from scary.

Wooded-Wolf-Hypnotic.gif Wooded-Wolf-Avast.gif Wooded-Wolf-WolfwoodPlushie.png Wooded-Wolf-Dreamland.png

Other Art and the Future

Aside from emote and pixel-art, Wooded-Wolf is proficient in many types of art. He particularly enjoys illustration, and his gallery features many traditional and digitally drawn pieces. Still, his main interest is pixel-art, but due to the amount of time it takes, he rarely gets the chance to work on big projects and thus continues to create emote art. He feels there is much he would still like to do with emoticons and hopes to transfer the skills he learns to other art and animation.[1]

Wooded-Wolf-Paint Job.gif Wooded-Wolf-Going green.gif Wooded-Wolf-Pyramid.png Wooded-Wolf-Peas.jpg

Wooded-Wolf's Web Presence

Wooded-Wolf does not have a personal website, however his gallery of work can be found on his deviantART page.

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